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Q - What is The National Jarul Book Award?

A - It is a Literary Award given to the best children's picture book and is voted by students from KG to Grade 6.

Q - Why is this important for students?

A - It is important for students to recognize that students' voice, is heard, they have a  responsibility and have a choice to select the book that meets the criteria. They select stories that appeal to them in various ways. Their choice has an impact on the literary world.

Q - Is there a charge to participate or be part of The National Jarul Book Award?

A - There is NO charge for participating in this award.

Q - What is the first step for an adult/school that wants to participate in The National Jarul Book Award Selection?

A - The teacher/ librarian/ principal/ school will need to sign up so they are informed of all the submission dates and information that can be received in a timely manner.

Q - When does The National Jarul Book Award process start and finish?

A - The process starts each year in April,  and closes on December 24, of each year.

Q - Who can participate?

A - All school students from KG to Grade/Standard 6 can participate. All national, private, NGO's and international schools can participate.

Q - What do teachers or librarians need to do?

A - Once you have signed up, you will need to purchase the 3 shortlisted books that are nominated for the National Jarul Book Award. All children participating will read all the 3 books.  For example, if Standard/Grade 1 students are participating then the Teacher/Librarians will read all the 3 books. The three books can be read the books separately, or together, the choice is yours. You will read all the 3 books, then the students use a ballot to select their favorite one.

Q - What do students have to do?

A - Students can listen to the books as a read-aloud, or read it independently, the choice is yours. The Teacher/Librarian can discuss the criteria and have the students vote for the best book.

Q - What is the final step?

A - The Teacher/Librarian will count out all votes and send them to (Details will be provided to you after your  registration).

Q - How do the school and students celebrate the event?

A - The students and school will be invited to a literary event at the American School of Bombay, Mumbai, to celebrate the winners of the National Jarul Book Award.

*Please check the home page for current dates and details


  • Teachers and Librarians can learn about the National Jarul Book Award.

  • Discuss why literary awards are important?

  • Discuss and draw out important elements of the story that makes it a winner.

  • Skype with other schools that are reading the same book.

  • Compare and contrast the 3 nominated books.

  • Study the authors and their work.

  • Skype or invite the authors to your school.

  • Celebrate the National Jarul Book Awards at your school and send us your pictures.


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